wow look, i’m actually trying.


So, how is everyone this fine morning?

finish one thing start another.

normally i post on my art blog, but real lazy tonight not to mention screenshot. pfff. orz i’m just real bored tonight 

I’m not playing around. I’m really going to draw him being kawaii as fuck just to see how he reacts.

oh look a larger version of my new avatar image…..


I have come to terms with my poofy hair….I have figured out how to make it look good. after 19 almost 20 years of my life.

Guess who uh just stopped bothering to work on this darn thing. It’s good enough. before I fuck shit up. 

ok so apparently a 3000x3000px should probably be re-sized before trying to upload it as a simple image in a text post. I thought I was gonna get an error messake because it took longer than i thought it would.

Hey, how ya doin’?

was going to write something witty but psycho, but i couldn’t I couldn’t think of anything.

wow i actually made lazy ass progress. omg. by cheating.

felt frustrated so i just did something. i just needed to calm myself a little.and i think i need to head to bed now.